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$ 9.95/$14.95USD -1yr/2yr Annual MailPro
$ 5.95/$9.95USD -1yr/2yr E-mail Forwarding
$19.95/$34.95USD -1yr/2yr POP3 Access
$ 3.00/$5.00USD -20 monthly SMS credits or 35 monthly SMS credits
$10.00USD -80 monthly SMS credits

Basic Email Service is FREE with great add-on features

The Basic Enterprise e-mail Services shall include:

1) Web-based e-mail
2) 5MB of mail storage space
3) eMail Alert (Bargain Buddy).

The Premium Enterprise Services include:

1) Ads Free,
2) POP3,
3) E-mail Forwarding,
4) SMTP,
5) MailPro
6) and SMS.

In development, squirrel mail system

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